How to Update Your LinkedIn Profile

Today most people are on some form of social or business networking site be that LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube. It’s a great place to promote your expertise on various different platforms.

Social media is fast becoming an essential recruitment tool. Recruitment agencies and employers will turn to social media before hiring. For them, they are more updated and accurate in terms of detailing a person’s credentials and expertise. Therefore it is important to ensure that the information available on the web is up-to-date, grammatical correct and the content is clean.

Where does your name appear on the internet?

Find out what people will find when they search your name by doing a Google search of yourself. Are you mentioned on any websites? Is the feedback positive or negative? Which of your social media profiles come up in the search? If the first thing that comes up is your old MySpace profile, it may be a good time to sort out your privacy settings.

According to Statista, during the first quarter of 2015, LinkedIn had 364 million members, up from 296 million members in the first quarter of that year.

Unfortunately, not all job seekers are searchable on the web and some forget to change their social media profiles when they are looking for a new job.

Companies use LinkedIn to search for candidates; contact candidates; keep tabs on potential candidates, vet candidates pre-interview and posting jobs.

Are you on LinkedIn?....


How to Update Your LinkedIn Profile


Add a recent picture of you. Not your dog, child or you in a group photo. Readers want to know what you look like, so use a photo that will allow people to recognize you if they were to see you at a conference or user group.


The summary section of your profile is another important consideration. You need to keep it current to maintain the interest of the reader. Use your personal statement from your CV for this section if you cannot think of something new to write. Make sure it if a keyword rich and in the first person.


When you create a new website or blog, try to include the URLs in your social media networks as well. This is an effective way for people to know more about you and what you do.


A good place to start is to update your CV and then use it to tell your connections and potential employers of your new achievements and growth in your career.

When you change jobs, make sure to add the new one to your profile. By doing this, your connections will know you are no longer connected to the previous one and avoid miscommunication. You will also get lots of people congratulating you.

Volunteer & Projects

Volunteering is good for your career. Share the causes your care about and the organisations you support with your network.

Skills and Endorsements

You can give and receive endorsements. They are based on the skills that you have listed. Receiving endorsements for skills relevant to your sector will help improve your search ranking.

Make sure to update them as if you have a large network, you will get endorsements from people you don’t know for things you don’t do which defeats the whole purpose.Though, you can now delete endorsements for skills you don’t have, plus reorder your endorsements so the most relevant ones are at the top and the least relevant ones at the bottom. To build up those numbers for your most important skills, you could endorse other people as often, they will endorse you back. Or, you can even just email some close friends and family directly and ask.

Additional Info

This is where you list your interests, personal details and advice for contacting you.


Don’t be afraid to ask your connections for recommendations. If you have done a good job, it’s well worth being commended.  Aim for 5 to 10 recommendations.


Select groups to become a member of and receive regular digest emails of all activity in that group. You can join up to 50 groups on LinkedIn. This will improve your visibility and allow you to search for and contact group members – keep it related to your interests or industry.


Here you can list Influences, News and Companies that you follow.

Contact Information

How easily you want your LinkedIn contacts to get in touch with you is up to you.

Profiles on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are most effective when updated with fresh content. Take a few minutes to refresh your information to attract more people and engagement moving forward.


Need help editing your LinkedIn Profile?  Visit the Help Center on LinkedIn.

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